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Announcing a unique independent film project and human rights campaign


How Many Lanterns


Our Project

Narrative Lost is proud to announce our first independent film project and human rights campaign How Many Lanterns & Other Stories. This collection of short films explores the troubling connection between inequality, violence, and long-standing beliefs of women as property. They raise questions of a disturbing possibility: perhaps the most marginalized, violently oppressed people in all of human history are women.

Our Mission

Narrative Lost is partnering with women-founded organizations from around the world to produce independent films that draw attention to the plight of women's rights globally. For each film we produce, Narrative Lost will help raise funds for each organization, and share the stories of every non-profit we work with. Every film we make is a collaboration with those whose stories we want to share.

How Many Lanterns

The first film in development at Narrative Lost is How Many Lanterns. This film addresses perhaps the greatest scourge of our age and affects millions globally: the modern day slave trade and human trafficking. According to Polaris Project there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking around the world of which 55% are women and children.

How Many Lanterns follows the story of the last fifteen minutes a mother has with her daughter just before she is forced to sell her into the sex trade. Persecuted because they are members of an indigenous Kayan tribe from Burma, and seeking refuge in Thailand, they have no recourse available to them when predatory loan sharks demand to collect on an exorbitant debt. How did the family come to this end? Will she see her daughter again?

Daughters Rising

While this troubling story is a disturbing reality for many impoverished families there are amazing organizations trying to help put an end to sex trafficking.

Daughters Rising is a non-profit we partnered with to produce this film. They combat sex trafficking in Thailand and help at-risk Kayan/Karen indigenous women by providing them with tuition support, business opportunites, education workshops, and jobs.

Please help our cause and donate! Your donation will fund production costs including equipment rentals, production insurance, the mentorship and training of women filmmakers, and more.

Furthermore 20% of all money donated will go direct to Daughters Rising as part of the fundraising for our film. 

Your donation is tax deductible because Narrative Lost is a 501(c)(3) charity.